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THERMOspeed Rapid-Roll Freezer Door

High Speed Roll-Up Doors

THERMOspeedThe EBS THERMOspeed rapid roll door ensures a draftfree environment and saves valuable time in through-traffic areas; allowing personnel, traffic and materials to swiftly move from one area to the next. The THERMOspeed saves energy and labour costs from the first day of implementation.
The EBS THERMOspeed is characterised by its high thermal insulating properties and extensive optional components which make it the ideal high speed rolling shutter door for in- and outdoors, normal and climate controlled areas; U-value = 0.9 W/m²K.
EBS THERMOspeed doors are designed and built in accordance with the highest German quality standards, with mostly recyclable materials used in the fabrication. Main tracks and facias are fabricated with aluminium and galvanised (or stainless) steel. All steel and aluminium components used are fastend with stainless steel hardware.
The specially formulated, closed cell, PE foam curtain is FCKW free, food safe, UV resistant and of course recyclable.
Our innovative mechanical snap-lock body is integrated into the lower segment of the door. In the event of impact from either side, the door is released from its guides. This helps to minimise or even avoid damage being done to the door. Usually the door can then be easily locked back into the guide rails, allowing for operation to resume quickly. In the case of damage, only the affected sections require replacement.
Of course the THERMOspeed also has a guard rail, a safety light barrier and the selfmonitoring contact strip for personel safety.
gates1 KEY ADVANTAGES:ThermospeedSection
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation
  • Compact and space saving
  • Modular door blade
  • Resiliant to damage
  • Low repair costs
  • No risk of injury to personel
  • Low maintenance and cost
  • No icing up in deep/freeze enviroments


    Can be implemented for in- and outdoor applications, deep/freeze enviroments and where fast opening- and closing times are relevant. The THERMOspeed is frequency-controlled and excels through its fast opening times (up to 2.8 m/sec). The wind protections allow the gate to endure wind speeds up to 8 on the Beafort-Skala. Sizes up to 10 m are viable.