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High Speed Roll-Up Doors

Business areas, which do not have too high requirements often need a fast rolling shutter door of the cheaper model CLASSICspeed.
Through the crash protection, fall protection, a safety light barrier and the self-monitoring contact strip for personel safety, EBS high speed doors ensure constant operation with exceptional reliability.

Our high speed doors were developed with the EN safety norms in mind - Safety guidelines according to ZH 1/494 for power operated doors are complied with.
In our product line you’ll find extraordinary fast operating, extremely compact and wind resistant doors which can be built up to 14m in width.

The EBS CLASSICspeed high speed rolling shutter door.


The CLASSICspeed can be implemented for in- and outdoor applications, over and under preassure and where ever fast opening and closing times are essential. The CLASSICspeed is frequency controlled and excels with its fast opening speeds (up to 1,5 m/sec). The reinforced curtain can resist wind speeds from up to 8 on the Beaufort-Skale.