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ISOtherm Sectional Door

Sectional Doors

sectional1The ISOtherm range of sectional overhead doors is the result of the most modern design and manufacturing techniques that are currently available. These doors are robust and exceptionally durable.

The anodised aluminium end-caps, strengthening braces and anodised aluminium bottom beam (not visible from the outside) are all generously dimensioned. The use of anodised aluminium top profiles of different heights means that the ISO sectional overhead door can always be offered with an optimum overlap relative to the lintel.

sectional2All these characteristics combine to make the ISO sectional overhead door a high-quality, hard-wearing product that not only improves the appearance of a building but also saves energy and reduces maintenance bills. Easy to integrate into modern architectural designs and fully compliant with the most recent technical requirements in terms of safety and ease of use. ISO sectional doors can be ordered with either manual or electric operation.



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