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Sectional Doors

Designed and manufactured using the most modern techniques available, the ALUvis range of sectional overhead doors provides an almost completely transparent barrier between the inside and outside of a building. The ideal solution for situations in which maximum natural light levels and excellent vision are key considerations.

ALUvis doors are robustly constructed, well-dimensioned and very stylish in appearance. The door design uses aluminium profiles for the individual panels and strengthening braces.
ALUvis sectional overhead doors are made to measure for a perfect fit in the opening.

All these characteristics combine to make the ALUvis sectional overhead door a high-quality, hard-wearing product that not only improves the appearance of a building but also saves energy and reduces maintenance bills. Easy to integrate into modern architectural designs and fully compliant with the most recent technical requirements in terms of safety and ease of use.

ALUvis sectional overhead doors can be ordered with either manual or electric operation and are available with a closed or fully transparent bottom section.