Envisage Talking with Robots

We at EBS implement the most modern electronics which not only operate efficiently, but also allow a large degree of flexibility for our clients when it comes to further implementation of control and signal options, often at a time much later after our doors have been installed.

On a recent project it was necessary to interface an EBS thermal efficient deep freeze door (THERMOspeed 3/09 H) with an automated workflow system. This automatic bread production line used high-tech palletising technology, together with modern robotics and conveyor systems. For Bread Solutions (VIC) it was essential that our control system be able to seamlessly communicate with a Visy palletising robot to allow the accurate handling of product from the production/packaging area into the deep-freeze storage section.

The implementation of the EBS THERMOspeed door was executed perfectly and the communication with the Visy robot continues to be a synergetic partnership delivering a state of the art business solution.